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HTML Publishing Links
from Horse Feathers

Our graphics and clipart can be used in web site publishing. Here is a group of the best places to get help in publishing your web site. From basic web page building tutorial information to where to bet Free CGI scripts and Java Scripts.

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Making Basic Web Pages
Advanced Web Publishing
Free or Low priced CGI Scripts
Java Scripts
Knowing the right numbers for color code!
Scripts & Plug-ins
Animated Gif files
Free or Low priced web page space
Free email on the web
World Wide Web Q&A 
Ok! So you want some help.

Making Basic Web Pages

Want to make a web page? Here are some of the best links I have found with tutorials for learning basic HTML plus some great tips and tricks. From beginner to advanced you you will love these web sites.

Lissa Explains it All - HTML Help for Kids - Great easy to understand tutorials
HTML Code Tutorial - Our goal is to provide the most helpful and complete guide to creating web pages anywhere.
Lets make a homepage- Super easy tutorials.
HTML Goodies homepage- Some neat tricks.
HTML Tutorial- a great resource and tutorial.
Boogie Jack.coma webmaster's resource site featuring free graphics, HTML tutorials, CSS tutorials, copy and paste JavaScript, very cool products you won't find elsewhere, and many other features for webmasters.
Style Guide for Online
Universal Resource Identifiers

Advanced Web Publishing

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) - Web Etiquette
Etiquette for information providers
HTMLgoodies - HTMLgoodies when they work they really brighten up your page.
HTTP 2.0 - Basic HTTP as defined in 1992
HTML 2.0- Specification (DRAFT)
HTML 3.0- Specification (DRAFT)
How to Create WWW Services
Technical Aspects of the World-Wide Web
The WebDesign Group
W3Schools HTML Tutorial
Worldwide Web Consortium - develops inter operable technologies, specifications, guidelines, software, and tools to Leading the Web to Its Full Potential... These are the guys that build the code that runs the internet. They are not here to help you learn code, but they could easily have the code you need for your projects.
HTML Code Tutorial

Free or Low Priced CGI Scripts

Guest Books, Visit Counters, Chat Rooms, Banners, and other necessities.

Matt's Script Archive- This guy builds the scripts you might need.
Media Builder- Animations, backgrounds, clip art and more.
DynamicDrive.com - Hundreds of Free, original DHTML and advanced JavaScript for your site.
CGI Scripts.net A General Introduction to CGI Scripts
Fluid Dynamics A great CGI Collection.
Free Internet Solutions - These Free Scripts are great to add basic functionality to your web site that would other wise require programming expertise. Best of all, they are 100% free!
The CGI Resource Index- A good source for scripts and other needed stuff.
Para Chat- Chat rooms for your web site.
The Free Site- All kinds of Free stuff.
SnapFiles - The Daily Freeware Pick, Data Recovery and more.

Java Scripts

Not all browsers use java so it is a choice only few will see.
Here you will also find many applets that make all sorts of things.

The Java(TM)Boutique - Tips and Tricks in the creating and maintaining a successful web site.
The Java Domain- and select Internet Tools or Web site Download

Knowing the right numbers for color code!

Color Maker - A real time saver.

Scripts and Plug-ins

Builder.com - Tricks of the trade here.
ActiveX.com - How to find recent downloads and other docs, and how to rescue deleted files.

Animated GIF files to put on your web pages

Media Builder's Animation Factory
Leo's Icon Archive!- Icons, Buttons, Caps, Comics and Bars

Free or low priced web page space

Aabaco Web Pages
Howdy Neighbor
Free Town

Free email on the web

MSN Hotmail

World Wide Web Q and A

What is hypertext?
Hypertext Terms
The World Wide Web project
Yahoo Computers WWW

OK! So you want some help building your dream web site.

Bluedomino - Web Hosting and great support.
Miserandino's Consulting - Web Design, Corporate Training, Excel VBA Development, Technical Writing.
WebMonkey- A great place to browse, learn, or hire some help.

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