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hfworld.GIF (3536 bytes) Equine Breed Links Page

Horse lovers here is your quick links to the horse breeds we have listed so far. Horse Feathers Graphics is currently working on an All Equine Breeds Disk, so I will be adding more Breeds to this section as horse and pony breeders send us their links.

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) All known breed Associations are given this gold marker.
og_1000.GIF (808 bytes) All major directories over 1000 listings are given this gold bar marker.  
If you have over 1000 listings let us know so we can mark your web site with a gold bar.  Feel free to suggest any great Equine breed web sites that you think we should list here.

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The Akhal-Teke Network - Breed information, TekeBlog, Horses for sale.
AhalTexas Horses Gallery of Akhal-Teke horses in Texas, Training, Sport, Opinions of professionals, and Champions.

American Warmblood

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) American Warmblood Registry Inc.  - Warm Blood News




og_fav1.GIF (1352 bytes) Arabian Horse Net - 66 Arabian Stallions. Show results, Chat, Stallion Gallery and Links. (pretty site) 


Caspian Horse

Caspian Horses at the Kristull Ranch

Champagne Horse



Dales Pony

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) Dales Pony Society of America, Inc.  The Dales Pony Society of America, Inc., P.O. Box 845, Piketon, Ohio, 45661 

Dartmoor Pony

Falabella Miniature Horse

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) Falabella Miniature Horse Breed Association - Rare Breed information and registration
Land of Little Horses - Falabella Miniature Horses breeding farm. Fabulous Shows, Over 100 Animals, Saddle Rides, Pig Races, Carousel Rides, Choo-Choo Rides, Gift Shop, Snack Bar, Carriage Museum, and Nature Area.

Holsteiner Horse

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) American Holsteiner Horse Assoc. - Breed information and registration.


Lustano Horses

Miniature Donkey

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) International Miniature Donkey Registry - IMDR: The official International Miniature Donkey Registry for today and the future.

Paint Horse

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) American Paint Horse Assoc. - Paint Horse Journal, Breed Information, and Registration.

One Oak Farm Paint Horses and training facility - Home of One Oak sorrel overo stallion-sire Eternal Echo. Over-nite hookups for equestrian travelers.

Palomino Horses

Peruvian Paso

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) Westwind Ranch - Paso Fino horse farm in Idaho offers Training, Breeding and Sales of Paso Finos. Riding lessons are available on gaited Pasos. Find the Paso Fino horse of your dreams at Westwind Ranch.
Peruvian Passo Horse Reg. of N. America
og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) AAOBPPH - American Association of Owners and Breeders of Peruvian Paso Horses
og_1000.GIF (808 bytes) Pasos on the Web! Directory site - The Peruvian Paso Horse Research and Resource Library.

Quarter Horse

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) AQHA America's Horse Assoc
1 plus 1 Ranch - Quarter horse ranch with Breeding stallions.
Carter Performance Horses - AQHA, NCHA Stallion, and Horses for Sale. CM Ranch home of Peppy Dry Bonanza Son of Dry Doc (Doc Bar x Poco Lena) and out of Peppy San Badger Daughter. 6 HALL OF FAME HORSES on HIS PAPERS!!! Many fine performance bred horses for sale! Chilled & frozen semen.

Spanish Horses

Steens Kiger Mustangs

og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) Steens Kiger Mountain Registry - SKMR a new buckskin colored mustang breed just over 200 registered horses in the Steens Kiger Mountain Registry so far. The breed is known for soundness and train ability. Founding sire Donner was featured in several movies.


og_reghorse.GIF (1387 bytes) Jockey Club Performance Horse Registry
Blood-Horse Auction - The Blood-Horse or Thoroughbred Sires/Dams Index Racing Source.



Stonybrook Meadows - Breeders of Trakehner Sport Horses for Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing. Also offering riding lessons, boarding and training in Flemington, New Jersey.

Russian Horses

Russian Horses


All Breeds Horses

Stallion Station - 170 stallions of all breeds 50 member web sites
The American Gaited Pony Registry - For more information or to register your Gaited Pony visit our web site.

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