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Horse Feathers Graphics

Horse Feathers Graphics has the clipart and graphics for the horse show crowd, western riders,  rodeo cowboys, English riders, gaited horse riders, and horse lovers of all kinds.  Graphics are drawn by artists who know their subject, because they get involved in the subject they are drawing.  We have been to the shows and not just to look.

prod1s50.GIF (13128 bytes) diskc1.GIF (1766 bytes) Western Clipart Volume 1  (Show me more)
Product News Release (Tell me more)  Over 200 small graphics to cut and paste, or great for making web graphics and borders.  It also has thin quarter page borders for your news letters plus lines and columns of graphics.  western - rodeo - cowboys - Indians - wagons....... 
$29.95  Printable Order Form   509-276-6928
prod2s50.GIF (12447 bytes) diskc2.GIF (2462 bytes) Western Holiday Volume 2   (Show me more)
New Product Release (Tell me more)  Over 90 full screen graphics and full page borders for to cover over 40 Western and Equine Holidays including;  Pioneer Days, Rodeo Days, a trophy saddle; Breeding Season, Foaling Season, Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas, all of the fun things you do with horses, wagons,  hay ride, Western Dancing, and more.........
$29.95 Printable Order Form  509-276-6928
prod3s50.GIF (15273 bytes) diskc3.GIF (2366 bytes) Western Events Volume 3 (Show me more
New Product Release (Tell me more)  Over 90 full screen graphics and full page borders for Western Horse Show and Rodeo Events.  Includes bucking, roping, cowboys, cattlemen, wagons, cattle, horses, riders, saddles, horse show and more.  This is our major western package right now.   A great package to start with.....
$29.95  Printable Order Form   509-276-6928
prod4s50.GIF (15709 bytes) diskc4.GIF (2313 bytes) English Volume 4 (Show me more)
New Product Release (Tell me more) English #4 includes most anything done in an English saddle.  It has over 90 full screen graphics and full page borders for all your English Show, Dressage, and Equestrian needs.  Includes Jumping, gaited horses, polo, race horses, ribbons, the fox hunt and jumps at angles for creating jump courses........
$29.95   Printable Order Form   509-276-6928

What is in Horse Feathers Graphics Packages for you?

Horse Feathers Graphics clipart comes to you in the most popular formats used by most programs, so they can be edited with any paint programs that you probably already have, like Windows Paint program. They will also work with whatever publisher program or word processor that you might already have, or other programs that use graphics.  BMP is for your Windows programs and PCX for most other DOS programs and the PICT format is for Macintosh programs. 

ROYALTY-FREE Professionally drawn graphics for your publications. When you purchase one of our Clipart packages you can use the graphics as our license agreement states without fear of paying extra royalty fees.  There is a instruction manual with pictures of the graphics in each package.

The graphics are black and white which means that they won't take up much space on the hard drive and they are ready for use in your news letters.  They can easily be colored with any paint program to the colors you want them to be.

FREE Technical Support. We know the programs that can use graphics. We also give you FREE Tips here on our web page to you get up and running fast.

The first thing you need to know about all clipart computer graphics.

If you are trying to do anything with graphics beyond writing a letter, and dropping in a graphic just for fun, then you are ready for a publisher program. A publisher will save you time, money, and frustration. With a publisher you can import text and graphics from anywhere. A publisher program puts you in control of your graphics and text. You can over lay graphics or text, do text wrap like the pros and much more. We recommend Microsoft Publisher, for the new user who needs a user friendly program, to get them up and running fast. It has Wizards that just do things for you in minutes not hours. Then you add the text from your word processor, (no retyping) then place the graphics and you are done.

Order Your Computer Graphics here. hfwriter.GIF (1765 bytes)  Click here for a printable order form or call us at 509-276-6928.

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