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Horse Feathers Graphics

Here you can find News, Product Reviews, about Horse Feathers Graphics company and products.  You can also find more information about to Horse Feathers clipart products.

Product News

Press Release: Western Clipart Vol. 1
Press Release: Western Holiday Volume  2
Press Release: Western Events Volume 3
Press Release: English Volume 4
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Company News

Awe!  Horsefeathers!  We Give You The Best Tips
Horse Feathers Graphics Goal Hits the Mark.
The Horse Feathers Story.
Our Horse Feathers Team.
How Horse Feathers Got That Name.
Bits on Bytes - Article 

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Awe Horsefeathers! 
We Give You The Best Money Saving Tips and
Here's the Best Tip of Them All.

If you are trying to do anything with graphics beyond writing a letter, and dropping in a graphic just for fun, then you are ready for a publisher program.  A publisher will save you time, money, and frustration.  With a publisher you can import text and graphics from anywhere.  A publisher program puts you in control of your graphics and text.  You can over lay graphics or text, do text wrap like the pro's and much more.  We recommend Microsoft Publisher, for the new user who needs a user friendly program, to get them up and running fast.  It has Wizards that just do things for you in minutes not hours.  Then you add the text from your word processor, (no retyping) then place the graphics and you are done.

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About Horse Feathers Graphics Company

We make graphics and clipart for equestrians and horse lovers. This page is about Horse Feathers Graphics the company and the people that make it all happen.

Our Horse Feathers Team

Donna Mason Graphics Manager (Artist, Editor, Marketing Manager)
Feather (Webmaster, Graphic Artist)
Midnight Painter  (Fine Art Painter)
B.J. Lewis (Western, Equine, Animal Portrait Graphic & Fine Artist)
Claire Taylor Accounting (Visionary)
Derf Nosam Production Manager  (Art Critic)
Fred Mason  Investments Manager.(Pushing for a Classic Cars Division)
Wizard Computer Tech. (Keeps the computers running.)

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Horse Feathers Graphics Goal Hits the Mark.

Horse Feathers Graphics is the industry leader in creating the most useful equine clipart.  You will be tickled with your new graphics, because we have been listening to our customers needs and we go to work making the graphics that will fill those needs.  We are the industry leader in helping our customers learn easy ways to make the best use of our clipart. 

Knowing that our customers are out there having fun with Horse Feathers Graphics clipart making it do things we never dreamed of makes us realize that we have hit the mark.  Our goal was to make useful art that the first time computer user could play with and adjust it to make it meet their needs without having to buy expensive programs.  We are proud to create the most useful theme based computer graphics that please the horse lover in all of us.

The Horse Feathers Story

Horse Feathers Graphics Inc. is on 30 beautiful acres surrounded by green fields and a few trees.  There is also a Country Gallery here with original oil paintings, featuring a variety of Artists, styles and subjects.
We started out the same way many of today's software companies did.  Our first products were made for the Commodore 64, believe it or not.  We had a lot of fun in the early days.  We learned graphics the hard way, from the ground up.  Macintosh and IBM compatible owners were ready to buy western graphics so we soon moved in to those markets and started advertising in international magazines.  We are looking forward to even more fun with graphics on our Home Page.  Today we are hard at work creating new packages for IBM / PCs and Macintosh computers.  How big are We?  We are  as big as we need to be yet small enough to give you the great technical support you need and deserve.  And we are still growing.

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October 1995 Article Published in
Western Styles Magazine in the
Roundup Section. Bits On Bytes

If you're into desktop publishing and things Western here's a must-have clipart for your personal computer.  Images include broncs, barbed wire , brands, bits, hats boots, rope-even Western Legends Jesse James and Butch Cassidy. 

The art work is the brainchild of horseperson Donna Mason.  "I needed Western computer graphics to promote my buckskin Quarter Horse stallion," she says.   "They didn't have any, so I drew them."  For $29.95 plus $4.00 shipping you'll receive install-ready IBM or Macintosh disks, a booklet of images and step by step instructions. 
Horse Feathers Graphics
N 27310 Short Road Suite A
Deer Park WA 99006

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June 1994 How Horse Feathers Got That Name

We were all sitting around the fire place one evening trying to decide on a name for the ranch.  We had a long list of names but nothing really great and it was getting late.  Someone said, "awe! horsefeathers can't somebody make a decision."  As Horse Feathers was added to the list, a decision was made to take up the problem in the cold light of day.  The next morning at breakfast the only name anyone could remember off the list, was Horse Feathers.  We decided that, we may not be taken seriously, as horse breeders, but the name would not be forgotten.  In those days we figured the mares would be tickled with their new foals and now we invite you to be tickled with your new graphics.

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